Timeline Chart Tool

Figure 1: Sample Timeline Chart

So you need a timeline chart and you need it for work. No worries, services exist for creating beautiful charts online, Lucidchart being one of the best examples (not a sponsor). But… You need the chart for work, you need it to contain sensitive data for internal use only, you may even need to include the dreaded PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

Now, are any of these chart producing services going to leak your data? It’s not likely to be honest. Am I saying don’t trust Lucidchart for example? Not necessarily. But I am particularly sensitive to the risk of data leaks due to having come from a Law Enforcement background where a PII leak could lead to loss of employment. Also I have recently completed a course in Cyber Security. These are both huge factors in my sensitivity to the risk of a data breach that could occur by using a third party service. Just think, if Lucidchart were to suffer a breach that in turn led to breach of data contained in charts created by you on that service, you might in turn also have to report a breach, it’s all very complicated at that stage.

The solution? Roll your own, read on for a relatively easy way to create your own timeline chart without ever having to reach out to an online service with data you don’t want exposed.

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