Sunday Quicky #1 – Ingest an SQL file into MySQL


Edit: I ran into an issue when setting up phpMyAdmin subsequent to this post. Issue and solution explained at the end.

I was asked earlier today how to view a .sql file in a friendly manner. I didn’t quite get to the answer to that question, I’ve added it to my list. However, while attempting to arrive at a solution I thought that ingesting the .sql file into a database system, MySQL for example, might be a step in the right direction. In my efforts to make it somewhat friendly I didn’t want to get down to the command line level. In order to successfully avoid that I thought that installation of phpmyadmin would help, and it did. I won’t bore you with the steps of how to set that up, in fact I found an excellent resource for setting it up on my system (Manjaro by the way), and I bet there’s a handy resource available for whatever system you happen to be running. A word of warning, unless you want the servers running constantly in the background, skip the steps which say enable, just start the services when you need them.

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