Sunday Quicky #6: Essential Initial Git Settings on Linux When 2FA is Set Up on Github

So you’re set up on Github, and being the privacy conscious person you are you have Two Factor Authentication turned on. You’ve added a personal access token so that you can push from repos from a machine. Now you have a new install of Git on some flavour of Linux and you want to configure Git on the command line to be as frictionless as possible while you’re using it, while still remaining secure. What you really need for this is to set up credential caching so that you won’t need to enter your password every time you run git push. Let’s explore this and some other initial configuration steps that will make use of Git that much easier.

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Enable Enhanced Session Mode on Parrot OS Guest within Hyper-V

This shouldn’t take long, I’m posting it mainly because I didn’t see the answer available when I went searching earlier, at least not an answer specifically referencing Parrot OS.

This week I’ve been doing a bit of tinkering with Microsoft’s hypervisor offering, Hyper-V. I installed Kali Linux first, but there was not full-screen option, what gives? Luckily, there was a very good answer to the problem in Kali’s own documentation. Like magic it worked. I turned on the VM started browsing a few sites and it quickly became a bad browsing experience. I don’t know which part of the system was letting me down but tabs were crashing left, right and centre (not a misspelling by the way, no matter what WordPress thinks).

My next step was to try a different version of Linux, so I went with a similar distro to Kali, Parrot OS. Guess what? No full screen yet again. And I couldn’t find a single reference online that had reported a solution. However, both Parrot OS and Kali Linux are Debian derived, I wonder???

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