Jeopardy Style CTF Resources

Figure 1: Screenshot of CTFd demo site

Capture the Flags type contests are fun. You may remember them from Real Lifeā„¢, where you have a couple of teams pitted against each other and each team has a base with a flag, each team has to storm (of course, sometimes sneaking is the better play) the opposing base and physically steal the other team’s flag. This game model has been digitised in a number of ways over the years. One of the more accessible ways is its incorporation into computer games, the one I’m most familiar with is Team Fortress, a Half-Life mod which I believe is still going relatively strongly despite it being out for longer than 15 years now.

But those sorts of Capture the Flag games are not what this post is about, oh no. Instead I’m going to delve into the world of geekdom inspired by these real world examples. In the type of game I will be discussing the goal is to solve technical computer puzzles to find a small piece of data hidden somewhere which acts as the flag for that challenge.

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