Some Probability Distribution Problems


Over in the Udacity course I’m working my way through (AWS Machine Learning Scholarship Program), I came across my first batch of probability distribution problems. I thought that it was a good jumping off point for the blog in terms of working through their solutions. The first problem below I found to be very difficult to find the answer for. Any of my readers who are seasoned Data Analysts or statisticians will have a smug chuckle when they read it, and I don’t blame them, because the answer is pretty obvious. I will, however, ask you to bear in mind that it is about 20 years since I worked consistently with any type of statistics. I’ve dipped in now and again since then, but it really is a use it or lose it skill. I haven’t been using it, so…

The first batch of problems I came across were in a quiz and were in a multiple choice answer format. I’m going to list out the questions and possible answers first and then walk through the terminology involved and how to solve the problems. You smug chucklers see if you can spot why the answer to question 1 should have been instantaneous.

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