Enable Enhanced Session Mode on Parrot OS Guest within Hyper-V

This shouldn’t take long, I’m posting it mainly because I didn’t see the answer available when I went searching earlier, at least not an answer specifically referencing Parrot OS.

This week I’ve been doing a bit of tinkering with Microsoft’s hypervisor offering, Hyper-V. I installed Kali Linux first, but there was not full-screen option, what gives? Luckily, there was a very good answer to the problem in Kali’s own documentation. Like magic it worked. I turned on the VM started browsing a few sites and it quickly became a bad browsing experience. I don’t know which part of the system was letting me down but tabs were crashing left, right and centre (not a misspelling by the way, no matter what WordPress thinks).

My next step was to try a different version of Linux, so I went with a similar distro to Kali, Parrot OS. Guess what? No full screen yet again. And I couldn’t find a single reference online that had reported a solution. However, both Parrot OS and Kali Linux are Debian derived, I wonder???

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